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This paper presents an experimental study and its findings of the behavior of circular and square stub columns filled with high strength concrete ($f_c^{\prime}$=49MPa) and polymer cement concrete (PCC) under concentric compressive load. Twenty-four specimens were tested to investigate the effects of variations in the tube shape (circular, square), wall thickness, and concrete type on the axial strength of stub columns. The characteristics of CFT stub columns filled with two types of concrete were investigated in order to collect the basic design data for using the PCC for the CFT columns. The experimental investigations included consideration of the effects of the concrete fill on the failure mode, ultimate strength, initial stiffness and deformation capacity. One of the key findings of this study was that circular section members filled with PCC retain their structural resistance without reduction far beyond the ultimate capacity. The results presented in this paper will provide experimental data to aid in the development of design procedures for the use of advanced concretes in CFT columns. Additionally, these results give structural designers invaluable insight into the realistic behavior of CFT columns.

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