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논문 상세정보

도시 취약계층 노인의 건강증진행위, 자아존중감과 우울간의 관계

The Relations among Health-promoting Behaviors, Self-esteem and Depression in the Vulnerable Elderly of Urban Areas


Purpose: This study was to identify the relations among health-promoting behaviors. self-esteem and depression in the vulnerable elderly in an urban community. Method: The subjects were 185 vulnerable elderly adults aged over 65 in D city, who were selected through convenience sampling. Data were collected by a questionnaire survey. The tools used in this study are the HPLP developed by Walker(1987), the Self-esteem Scale developed by Rosenberg (1965), and the Geriatric Depression Scale developed by Yesavage & Brink(1983). Collected data were analyzed with the SAS program using descriptive statistics. Pearson's correlation coefficient, t-test, ANOVA, Duncan's multiple-range test and stepwise multiple regression. Result: Self-esteem and depression was in a negative correlation with each other (r=-0.21), but no significant correlation was observed between HPB and depression. HPB and self-esteem were in a positive correlation with each other (r=0.38). The most powerful predictor of depression was self-esteem and, next, leisure activity and the type of family living together. The three factors accounted for 41.1% of the variance in depression in the vulnerable elderly. Conclusion: These results suggest that self-esteem, leisure activity, and the type of family living together can be potential risk factors for old age depression. These findings may give useful information for developing visiting nursing service programs focused on depression in the vulnerable elderly.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Kwon, Yun-Hee ; Kim, Chung-Nam ; Kwag, Oh-Gye 2011. "Factors Influencing Depression and Quality of Life in Elderly Customized Home Visiting Health Services" 지역사회간호학회지 = Journal of korean academy of community health nursing, 22(3): 262~271 

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