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논문 상세정보

개별적 상호작용을 통한 대학생 흡연자의 금연목표 달성률 및 금연특성 조사연구

A Study through Individual Interaction on the Achievement Rate of Smoking Cessation Goal and Characteristics Related to Smoking Cessation in College Smokers


Purpose: This study was to examine the achievement rate of smoking cessation, to identify obstacles to smoking cessation, and to find means to achieve the goal of smoking cessation in college smokers. Method: This study was conducted from April 26th to September 13th 2004 and used a one-shot design. The subjects selected by convenient sampling were 29 college smokers who smoked over one cigarette a day, had a positive level of urine cotinine, participated in smoking cessation education 3 times. Thereafter, individual interaction was processed between the researcher and the subject using an interaction instrument. Data were analyzed based on frequencies.,percentages and means using SPSS/Win 10.0. Results: The achievement rate of smoking cessation was 20.7% (6 students). The biggest obstacles smoking cessation were smoking stimuli (29 students) and lack of control (25 students). Among detailed obstacles, the biggest one was smoking at regular times, which was followed by withdrawal symptoms, smoking on drinking, and company with other smokers. The most effective means of smoking cessation mentioned by the subjects were in order of avoiding drinking situations, taking deep breaths, and exercising. Conclusion: The results of this study, using King's theory, showed that individual interaction is effective in achieving smoking cessation. Therefore, it is suggested to make further study and broaden smoking cessation education for college smokers.


#대학생   #금연  

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