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논문 상세정보

수유기 여성의 칼슘과 철 영양상태 연구

A Study on Calcium and Iron Status of Lactating Women


This study was intended to investigate the nutritional status between lactating and non- lactating women, especially calcium and iron. The subjects were 84 lactating women and 20 non-lactating women visiting a public health center and hospital in Daegu. Each subject was interviewed to collect the information on dietary intake for 2 consecutive days. Biochemical assessment of iron status and bone mineral density (BMD) measurement were conducted. Dietary intake of carbohydrate, potassium, Vit $B_1,\;B_2$, Vit C were significantly higher in women during lactating period (p<0.05). However, relative intake as expressed by percentage of Korean Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) was not significantly different between the two groups. The dietary intake of iron and calcium were 58.8%, 60.4% of Korean RDA respectively in women during lactating period. The current food habit score of these women was significantly higher than that of non-lactating women (p<0.05). When we compared the quality of nutritional status, the Index of nutritional quality (INQ) was significantly higher for vitamin $B_2$, P in lactating women than in non-lactating women (p<0.1). Mean adequacy ratio (MAR) was not significantly different between two groups. Dietary variety score (DVS) was significantly higher in women during the lactating period (p<0.05). There was no significant difference in biomarkers (Hb, Hct, Serum ferritin, Transferrin) related to iron status between the two groups. No significant difference in bone mineral density (BMD) T-score was not observed. However, it appeared that BMD of lactating women was lower than that of non-lactating women.

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