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Statement of problem. Dental ceramics exhibit excellent esthetic property, compressive strength, chemical durability biocompatibility and translucency. However, it suffers from inherent brittle fractures. Various techniques and materials for intraoral porcelain repair has been suggested. Purpose. This study is to compare the tensile bond strength of four commonly used porcelain repair systems (Vivadent, Bisco, Ulttadent, Voco) and to insure the best system for the clinical application to the fractured porcelain. Materials and methods. A total of fifty specimens were fabricated. Specimens were stored in $37^{\circ}C$ distilled water for 7 days and thermocycling was performed(1000 cycles), and subjected to a tensile force parallel to the repair resin and porcelain interface by use of an Universal Testing Machine. Result. 1. Voco showed the highest tensile bond strength. In decreasing order, the tensile bond strength of the other materials was as follows : Ultradent, Bisco, Vivadent. 2. There was a statistically significant difference between the porcelain repair systems(Voco, Ultradent > Bisco, Yivadent) (p<0.05). 3. SEM examination of prepared porcelain surfaces revealed that the surface treated with Voco showed brittle fracture. However, Ultradent, Bisco and Vivadent showed ductile fracture. 4. All specimens treated with four porcelain repair systems showed adhesive failure between porcelain and composite resin.

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