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논문 상세정보

DNA fingerprinting of Brucella abortus isolated from bovine brucellosis outbreaks by repetitive element sequence (rep)-PCR


DNA fingerprint patterns of 8 Brucella reference strains and 15 B. abortus field isolates were characterized by repetitive element sequence-based PCR (rep-PCR) using BOX- and ERIC-primers in this study. AMOS PCR differentiated all Brucella field isolates from B. abortus RB51, a vaccine strain by producing a B. abortus-specific 498 bp band. Rep-PCR using BOX-primer produced 13 to 18 bands with sizes of between 230 and 3,300 bp, and discriminated Brucella strains to the species level except B. canis and B. suis. PCR products amplified with ERIC primers were, however, not appropriate for differentiating the Brucella isolates. DNA fingerprint patterns for all B. abortus field isolates were identical among them and were put on one cluster with B. abortus biovar 1 reference strain in the dendrogram, indicating they were highly clonal. These results suggested that rep-PCR using BOX primer might to be a useful tool for calculating genetic relatedness among the Brucella species and for the study of brucellosis epidemiology.

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