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One-lung ventilation (OLV) is the isolation and selective ventilation of one lung field. OLV allows the collapse of lung lobes on the side of the thoracic surgical approach to facilitate observation of intrathoracic structures and to achieve lung immobility. OLV be achieved by endotracheal intubation with double lumen tubes or bronchial blockers. In this study, cardiopulmonary consequences of two-lung ventilation (TLV), OLV and Re-TLV (TLV after OLV) were evaluated in 5 dogs. The dogs were anesthetized with mask induction and maintained with isoflurane in oxygen. Tidal volume and respiratory rates were set to maintain end-tidal $CO_2$ at $40{\pm}2mmHg$ during instrumentation. Following instrumentation, the dogs were placed in right lateral recumbency and induced spontaneously respiration state. Effect of TLV on hemodynamic and pulmonary variables were recorded. Then, the left bronchus was obstructed by endotracheal intubation with double lumen endotracheal tube to achieve OLV state and recording was continued. After OLV, double lumen endotracheal tube was extubated, and standard endotracheal tubes was intubated again. In this study, spontaneous OLV caused significant decrease in $PaO_2$, arterial oxygen saturation, mixed-venous oxygen saturation, and increase in $PaCO_2$. Especially, a significant elevation in $PaCO_2$ and respiratory acidosis were remarkable findings. So spontaneous ventilation in OLV affected gas exchange and hemodynamic function.

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