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광 디스크 드라이브 내부 유동장에 관한 연구

A Study on Flow Fields in an Optical Disc Drive


The present study investigates flow characteristics in an optical disc drive (ODD). Detailed knowledge of the flow characteristics is essential to analyze flow-induced noise and vibration, forced convection and flow friction loss. The ODD used in a personal computer is used for the experiment and rotating velocity of disc is under the 4500 rpm. Time-resolved velocity component and velocity spectrum are obtained using the laser Doppler anemometry (LDA), and the flow patterns induced by rotating disc in the ODD are calculated by a commercial finite volume method at the same time. The results show that the front holes reduce flow-induced noise and the position of pickup body only affects flow near the window. Furthermore, it is possible for cooling of heat sources in the drive through measuring the flow fields under the tray. In addition, the numerical results are well matched up to the experimental results, therefore, the validation of the numerical results can be achieved. From the validation of numerical results, it is possible to predict the flow characteristics of the region where it is unable to conduct the experiment.

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