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논문 상세정보

오스테나이트계 스테인리스강의 크리프 변형중 내부응력과 운동전위밀도의 평가

Evaluation of Internal Stress and Dislocation Velocity in Creep with Austenite Stainless Steels


To investigate the change of internal stress and mobile dislocation density in the creep, stress relaxation test was examined from each strain range. Mobile dislocation density increased until it reached minimum creep rate but after that, it decreased. Internal stress did not change until it reached minimum creep rate but after that, it decreased. The stress relaxation rate is fast and approached zero later 1.5 seconds, which were begun in the stress relaxation. When the applied stress is large, the internal stress is large. It is cleared that dislocations glide viscously which N passes by cutting Cr atom rather than typical viscosity movement by the evaluation of mobility of dislocation in STS310J1TB.

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