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논문 상세정보

Offset 베어링을 활용한 터보냉동기의 회전체동역학 설계

Rotor Dynamic Design of the Centrifugal Chiller Using Offset Bearing


A rotor dynamic analysis is implemented to confirm the vibration stability of the high speed centrifugal chiller coupled with gear system. As the rotating speed of the centrifugal chiller under investigation is increased up to 17605rpm at the pinion rotating part, the bearing instability is getting higher and, furthermore, the rotor-bearing system might experience a few critical speed which lead to system failure due to the excessive vibration. In this study, considering the loading capacity and stability conditions, offset journal bearings are adopted for the pinion rotating system and general cylindrical bearings are used for motor part. From the modal analysis, the system is found to be stable as the critical damping ratio which shows the damping characteristics of the system are positive over all operating ranges, and in addition, the synchronous rotating frequency does not come across with any whirl natural frequency. From these results the authors confirm the vibration stability of the rotor-bearing system suggested in this study.

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