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굴곡의 표면을 가진 금속의 레이저 용융에 대한 열 및 유체유동 해석

An Analysis of Heat and Fluid Flow in the Laser Surface Melting with a Deformed Surface


Laser melting problems with deformed substrates are investigated by axisymmetric numerical simulations. Source-based method is used to solve the energy equation, and the momentum equations are solved in the liquid domain with SIMPLER algorithm. Using a laser beam with a top-hat heat flux distribution, this study is performed to examine the effect of surface deformation, beam power density and surface tension force on the molten pool during laser melting. Surface temperature decreases with increasing surface deformation, while surface velocity increases. It is found that surface deformation, beam power density and surface tension force have a very significant effect on heat transfer and fluid flow during laser melting.

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