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초기 압력과 연료특성에 따른 마이크로 연소기 내에서의 연소 특성 및 소염 조건 변화

Combustion Characteristics and Criterion of Quenching Condition in Micro Combustor Parameterized by Initial Pressure and Fuel in the Combustor


Combustion Characteristics and quenching criteria of micro combustor in various condition was exploited experimentally. Two different gases were used, and various geometric matrixes were considered to figure out quenching characteristic of micro combustor. The micro combustor studied in this study was constant volume, and has cylindrical shape. Geometric parameter of combustor was defined to be combustor height and diameter. The effect of height was exploited parametrically as 1 mm, 2mm and 3mm and the effect of diameter was parameterized to be 7.5mm and 15mm. Three different combustibles. (1) Stoichiometric mixture of methane and are, (2) Stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and air and (3) Mixture of hydrogen and air with fuel stoichiometry of two were used. Pressure transition during combustion process was recovered. The ratio of maximum pressure to initial pressure responded favorably with the change of height of combustor and the initial pressure, the maximum pressure was also increased. The flame propagation was observed only when a specific condition was satisfied. From the experiment the condition that guarantees stable propagation of flame was tabulated. The tabulated results includes criteria of quenching according to combustor height, combustor diameter, species of fuel and initial pressure.

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