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논문 상세정보

사각관 이상유동 분석을 위한 전기적 캐패시턴스 토모그라피 코드 개발

Development of an Electrical Capacitance Tomography Code for Analysis of Two-Phase Flow in the Rectangular Pipe


A computer code for Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) is developed to sense the cross sectional phase distribution of two-phase flow in the rectangular pipe in which the tomography sensor furnished by the insulated wall, electrodes, and electric field screen. The computer code had two steps for the image reconstruction. In the forward projection step, the sensitivity matrix was constructed based on the electric field calculated by the finite difference method. In the backward projection step, the sensitivity matrix and the measured capacitances were used to reconstruct the cross sectional image. Several algorithms including LBP, TR, ITR, and PLI were employed to find the proper one for the two-phase flow analysis. Since the dielectric constant of the water in two-phase flow is sensitive to the thermal parameter such as, temperature and pressure, the developed code was evaluated to find their accuracy, speed of calculation, and sensitivity to the variation of the dielectric constant. It was found that the iterative methods are superior to the direct methods for the image reconstruction, and the PLI method was the best in the variation of the dielectric constants.

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