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논문 상세정보

Digital Holographic PIV 기법의 개발과 제트유동에의 응용

Development of Digital Holographic PIV Technique and Its Application


A digital in-line holographic particle image velocimetry (HPIV) which can be applied to measure three-dimensional velocity fields of turbulent flows was developed. There are three different implementation methods of HPIV: traditional film-based HPIV, intermediate HPIV and digital HPIV. The traditional film-based HPIV and intermediate HPIV method is rather troublesome to do experiments and takes long calculation time, compared with the digital HPIV, Configuration of the digital in-line HPIV is simple and the data processing routine is similar to conventional 2D PIV methods. The digital HPIV velocity field measurement consists of four steps: recording, numerical reconstruction, particle extraction and velocity extraction. In the velocity extraction process, we improved PTV algorithm to extract the displacement of particle each placed in 3D space. The developed digital in-line HPIV system was applied to a vertical jet flow. The 3D velocity vectors measured by the digital HPIV method in the near field are in a good agreement with 2D PIV results.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

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