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폼 분무 노즐 방사 분포 및 폼의 열적 특성 연구

Thermal Characteristics of Foams and Discharge of Fire-Protection Foam Spray Nozzle


A characteristic of discharge for a foam spray nozzle with various parameters was investigated. The discharge patterns from a fire foam spray nozzle are important to evenly spray over a maximum possible floor area. Two parameters of a foam spray nozzle were chosen, and compared with those from the standard one. Also, in order to evaluate the performance of discharged foam agents used to protect structures from heat and fire damages, the thermal characteristics of fire-protection foams were experimentally investigated. A simple repeatable test for fire-protection foams subjected to fire radiation was developed. This test involves foam generation equipment, a fire source for heat generation, and data acquisition techniques. Results show that the bubble size of foam is increased by large inside diameter of orifice or closed air hole, but phenomenon of discharge angle and expansion ratio is opposite. For the case of the open air hole, liquid film of a circular cone discharges with formation, growth, split and fine grain. In case of the closed air hole, a pillar of foam solution discharges with that. Though the temperature gradient in the foam increases with increased foam expansion ratio. it is not change with increased intensity of heat flux.

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