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In recent studies, it was reported that there existed the temperature discontinuity at a liquid-vapor interface in an equilibrium state. However, from the viewpoint of the classical thermodynamics, it is highly questionable result although considering that the experiments related with a boundary layer is very difficult due to the extremely thin thickness of it. To clarify whether the temperature discontinuity over a liquid-vapor interface really exists, the computer simulations were performed. From the simulation results, it could be concluded that the misconception in a temperature calculation might result in non-uniform temperature distributions over an interface under an equilibrium state.

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  1. Lim, Min-Jong ; Choi, Gyung-Min ; Kim, Duck-Jool ; Chung, Han-Shik ; Jeong, Hyo-Min ; Choi, Soon-Ho 2007. "A Study on the Phase Criteria of Nanoscale Systems" 大韓機械學會論文集. Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers. B. B, 31(5): 435~447 


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