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스텐트와 풍선의 상호작용을 고려한 스텐트 팽창의 유한요소해석

Finite Element Analysis of Stent Expansion Considering Stent-Balloon Interaction


Stouts are frequently used throughout the human body, but the most critical areas are in coronary arteries. They open pathways in vessels and supply blood directly to the heart muscle. To simulate behavior of expansion for the coronary stent by balloon, the commercial finite element code LS-DYNA and ANSYS were used in the analysis. The explicit method is used to analyze the expansion of the stent and the implicit method is performed to simulate the springback that developed in a stent after the balloon pressure has been removed. Finally the experimental results for the expansion of the PS153 stents were compared with the FEM results. The springback was measured with the stents subjected to no external pressure to which stents are subjected in vivo. The simulated results were in good agreement with experimental results. Standard mechanical characteristics such as stress, plastic strains, and springback can be derived from the numerical results. These data can be used to determine maximum expansion diameter without fracture and expansion pressure considering elastic recoil.

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