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논문 상세정보

일본 쇼소인[정창원] 소장 <조모입여병풍> 연구

Study on the Folding Screen Painting of the Shosoin[정창원], A Beauty under the Tree[조모입여병풍]


There has been a lot of debate between scholars around the folding screen painting, A Beauty under the Tree[조모입여병풍], a collection of Shosoin, Japan. Even though it is preserved in Japan, its distinguished Chinese feature made many scholars to think it might be made in China and be transmitted to Japan. However, the inspection of the material during $1973{\sim}1975$ has revealed an important fact, that is, the feather used in this screen painting belonged to Japanese bird feather. Moreover, a great amount of documents written in Tenbyo(천평승보, 8th century) period, which was thought to be used as the ground material of this painting. Therefore we can get many evidences saying that this painting was made in japan. In a basic sense, I stand on this side just because it has more evidences. However, we must be careful to make a final conclusion. Especially on the precious things like this painting screen, we must take whole considerations as possible as we can. First of all, we must consider whether Japan could have ability to make this. Second, there could be other possibility that Japanese repair the original one with their feathers or papers. In order to prove this, study on other pieces including painting screens should be done. I just suggest an objective international discussion. Lastly, I can find the common feature between the pieces of Shosoin and the ones of United Shilla, which could be influenced by same impact, the Silk road trade in a broad sense.

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