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나노구조재료의 소성변형 성질의 변형률속도 의존성

Strain Rate Dependence of Plastic Deformation Properties of Nanostructured Materials


A phase mixture model was employed to simulate the deformation behaviour of metallic materials covering a wide grain size range from micrometer to nanometer scale. In this model a polycrystalline material is treated as a mixture of two phases: grain interior phase whose plastic deformation is governed by dislocation and diffusion mechanisms and grain boundary 'phase' whose plastic flow is controlled by a boundary diffusion mechanism. The main target of this study was the effect of grain size on stress and its strain rate sensitivity as well as on the strain hardening. Conventional Hall-Petch behaviour in coarse grained materials at high strain rates governed by the dislocation glide mechanism was shown to be replaced with inverse Hall-Petch behaviour in ultrafine grained materials at low strain rates, when both phases deform predominantly by diffusion controlled mechanisms. The model predictions are illustrated by examples from literature.

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