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논문 상세정보

국내 골퍼들의 햇빛차단 행동 및 자외선차단 의복에 대한 태도 조사

A Study on Korean Golfers' Sun Protective Behavior and Their Intention to Buy UV-protective Clothing


The purpose of this study was to find factors affecting sun protective behavior and intention to buy UV-protective clothing among Korean golfers. Health belief (HB) model and diffusion theory(DT) were used for the study. Dependent variable of HB model was sun protective behaviors (SPBs) and dependent variable of DT model was intention to buy (ITB) UV-protective clothing. Independent variables for HB model were cancer perception, perceived benefits, behavioral/psychological barriers and cues to actions, while independent variables of DT model were relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, friability, and observability, besides demographic variables. Perceived benefits and cues to action variables in addition to gender and age were significant determinants of SPB for Korean golfers. Also, relative advantage and compatibility. behavioral barriers and cues to action were significant in affecting intention to buy UV-protective clothes. Both HB model and extended DT model were useful to predict sun protective behavior of Korean golfers.

저자의 다른 논문

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