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논문 상세정보

ERF와 산업용 콘트롤러를 이용한 FHA의 제어특성에 관한 연구

A Study on the Control Characteristics of FHA by Using ERF and Industrial Controller


Making the best use of the features of the electro-rheological(ER) valve, a two-port pressure control valve using ER fluids is proposed and manufactured. The ER-Valve characteristics are evaluated by changing the intensity of the electric field and the number of electrode. In addition, the performance of the plate type ER-Valve is investigated by change the particle concentration of the ER fluid. As only with electrical signal change to the ER-Valve in which ER fluid flowing, ER fluid flow is controlled, so development of simple ER-Valves have been tried. The ER-Valves and pressure drop check method are considered to be applied to the fluid power control system. Using the minかnぉd pressure control valve, a one-link manipulator with FHA in robot system is driven. As a result, it is experimentally confirmed that the pressure control valve using ER fluids is applicable to use in driving actuator. If it applies characteristics of the ER fluids, it will be able to apply in the control system fir the ER Valve which occurs from industrial controller(PLC).

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