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논문 상세정보

범어사(梵魚寺) 가람배치(伽藍配置)의 중단영역(中壇領域) 변화(變化)에 관한 연구(硏究) - 사진(寫眞)과 도판(圖版)을 중심(中心)으로

A Study on Changes of the Central Part of Beomeosa Temple - Based on Photographs and Drawings -


This study was started under the judgement that reviewing $\ulcorner$A Survey Report of Korean Architecture$\lrcorner$, which contains photographs and drawings by Sekino Tadashi and which was also made under the order of the Japanese government(1902), would make it possible to consider in detail the status of Korean buildings in the period of the Korean Empire. The focus of the study. was put on three main parts of the temple, especially the central parts. The photographs and drawings as mentioned above showed that changes in the layout of buildings in the central part of the temple were made between the period of the Korean Empire and that of Japanese occupation. Thus the purpose of the study is to investigate when changes in building layout in the central part of the temple were made and what made such changes to be caused, obtaining information necessary for future changes in the precincts of the temple. Results of the study can be summarized as follows. First, 'Seonchal Daebonsan Beomeosa feonkeongdo' and 'Gyeongsangnamdo Dongraegun Beomeosa Geonmul Jeondo' were made in a same period. While, 'Chosun Gojeok Dobo', published by the government-general of Chosun, was a collection of photographs taken by Sekino Tadashi for about 30 years from 1902 to 1933 under the order of the Japanese government. But there were few changes in the building layout of the temple shown in the three materials. Second, one of the photographs and drawings made since 1933, not contained in 'Chosun Gojeok Dobo', and discovered by this researcher was 'Seonchal Daebonsan Beomeosa Annae' which was published by the temple itself after national independence from the period of Japanese occupation, indicating the main reason of changes in building layout as mentioned above. In conclusion, the layout of buildings of the temple began to be changed on a large scale, with so-called 'Cheyongseol' ignored, when Buddhist monk Cha Woon Ho established a 7-storied sarira tower to the left of the main building in the center of the upper part in 1936. In addition, the axis line connecting between Hwaeomjong and Seonjong was also changed at that time.

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