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논문 상세정보


To identify salt-tolerance characteristics of corn seedling was treated in solution of 0, 50 and 100 mM NaCl of hydroponic cultivation. In photosynthesis of corn seedling, there was no large difference between 50mM and 0 mM NaCl solution, however, in 100 mM NaCl solution, the tolerance gradually decreased to $76\%,\;49\%,\;and\;31\%$ after one day, four days, and seven days, respectively, in comparison to 0 mM NaCl solution. Osmotic potential of corn in seedling period was significantly decreased with increasing saline level, however, free proline content in the plant on the ground was significantly increased with increasing saline level and with the lapse of time. In terms of correlation among major characteristics, there was a highly significant positive difference between osmotic pressure potential and photosynthesis, However, highly negative correlation was found between osmotic pressure potential and free proline content. In addition, it was expected that young seedling of corn with saline tolerance may be utilized in the transplantation in salt-accumulated land. Based on above-shown result, in terms of saline tolerance of Chalok-2 variety, growth suppression was serious with 100mM NaCl solution. However, growth was expected that seedling growth would be favorable under 50 mM NaCl solution.

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