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논문 상세정보

U-Slot 패치를 이용한 광대역 안테나의 설계에 관한 연구

A Study on the Design of Wideband Antenn as using U-Slot Patches


Microstrip antennas generally have a lot of advantages that are thin profile, lightweight, low cost, and conformability to a shaped surface application with integrated circuitry. In addition to military applications, they have become attractive candidates in a variety of commercial applications such as mobile satellite communications, the direct broadcast system (DBS), global positioning system (GPS), and remote sensing. Recently, many of the researches have been achieved for improving the impedance bandwidth of microstrip antennas. The basic form of the microstrip antenna, consisting of a conducting patch printed on a grounded substrate, has an impedance bandwidth of $1\~2\%$. For improvement of narrow bandwidth of microstrip patch, we were designed U-slot microstrip patch antenna in this paper. This antenna had wide bandwidth for all personal communication services (PCS) and IMT-2000. For the design of U-slot microstrip patch antenna using a finite difference time domain(FDTD) method. This numerical method could get the frequency property of U-slot patch antenna and the electromagnetic fields of slots.

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