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논문 상세정보


Phytochemical investigation of the whole plant of Amberboa ramosa led to the isolation of six sesquiterpene lactones which could be identified as $8{\alpha}$-hydroxy-$11{\beta}$-methyl-$1{\alpha}H,\;5{\alpha}H,\;6{\beta}H,\;7{\alpha}H,\;11{\alpha}H-guai-10(14)$, 4(15)-dien-6, 12-olide(2), $3{\beta},\;8{\alpha}-dihydroxy-11{\alpha}-methyl-1{\alpha}H,\;5{\alpha}H,\;6{\beta}H,\;7{\alpha}H,\;11{\beta}H-guai-10(14)$, 4(15)-dien-6, 12-olide (2), $3{\beta},\;4{\alpha},\;8{\alpha}-trihydroxy-4{\beta}(hydroxymethyl)-1{\alpha}H,\;5{\alpha}H,\;6{\beta}H,\;7{\alpha}H-guai-10(14)$, 11(13)-dien-6, 12-olide (3), $3{\beta},\;4{\alpha},\;8{\alpha}-trihydroxy-4{\beta}-(chloromethyl)-1{\alpha}H,\;5{\alpha}H,\;6{\beta}H,\;7{\alpha}H-guai-10(14)$, 11(13)-dien-6, 12-olide(4), $3{\beta},\;4{\alpha},\;dihydroxy-4{\beta}-(hydroxymethyl)-1{\alpha}H,\;5{\alpha}H,\;6{\beta}H,\;7{\alpha}H-guai-10(14)$, 11(13)-dien-6, 12-olide(5), $3{\beta},\;4{\alpha}-dihydroxy-4{\beta}-(chloromethyl)-8{\alpha}-(4-hydroxymethacrylate)-1{\alpha}H,\;5{\alpha}H,\;6{\beta}H,\;7{\alpha}H-guai-10(14)$, 11(13)-dien-6, 12-olide (6) by spectroscopic methods. All of them showed inhibitory potential against butyrylcholinesterase.

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