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논문 상세정보


Overwintering mite diversity and their habitats were studied in apple and pear orchards during 2002-2003 winter season. Twospotted spider mite was mostly found under the tree barks and fabric strips. European red mites were from crevices of twigs. Tydeid, tarsonemid and oribatid mites were mostly from soil and ground vegetation. Even in the protected overwintering habitat such as artificial fabric strip, twospotted spider mite suffered $81-91\%$ mortality during winter. Predaceous phytoseiid mites found were Amblyseius womersleyi, A. makuwa, A. orientalis, A. rademacheri A. obtuserellus, and A. eharai. Amblyseius womersleyi was the most dominant species in both apple and pear orchards, followed by A. obtuserrellus in apple orchards and A. makuwa in pear orchards. Most phytoseiid mites were found on ground vegetation while their potential prey items were remained on the tree. Implication of the findings for conservation of beneficial mites and biological control of spider mite during season was further discussed.


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