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논문 상세정보

금속의 두께가 도재의 파절강도에 미치는 영향

A study on the difference of Ceramic fracture strength according to the metal depth


In the manufacture of ceramo-metal crown, difference of fracture strength according to the metal depth has been known to be an important influence on enough intensity and internal stress to endure an occlusion-pressure as well as aesthetics of rehabilitating similar colour such as natural teeth. Depth of ceramic material could be determined by that of metal in three groups: first case of thin depth, second case of thick depth, and third case of constant depth. For the enhancement of the fracture strength between metal and ceramic materials and aesthetic satisfaction, a study on the bonding force, fracture strength, and aesthetics have been required more. In this study, therefore metal coping were made in three groups of A, B and C by using both ceramic powder of Norithe and metal of Columbium, which have been used primarily in the market. A group was made in $0.2mm\times10mm\times10mm$, B group was made in $0.4mm\times10mm\times10mm$, and, C group was made in $0.8mm\times10mm\times10mm$, respectively. The number of metal coping in each group was 10, and total sample numbers used in this study were 30 metal copings. After these metal coping tissue were in the process of build-up in 1.5mm constant depth of porcelain, firing, and glazing, the fracture strength about each metal coping tissue was investigated using oil press. It was found that the average values of durable occlusion pressure for separation of ceramic material in the porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM) in the each group showed the increasing order of A group (30 bar), B group (42 bar), and C group (44 bar), respectively. Proper depth of metal coping in the PFM was considered to be 0.4mm in the B group because this metal size showed higher durable property to the occlusion pressure and better coupling strength in the ceramo-metal crown.

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