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논문 상세정보

공공기관의 특성을 고려한 PMI기반의 XML 접근제어 모델에 관한 연구

A Study of the PMI-based XML Access Control Model in Consideration of the Features of the Public Organization


The local public organizations, to secure the Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication and Non-Repudiation of cyber administrative environment is giving it a try to consolidate the official documents among them by standardizing all the documents into XML formats together with the establishment of the GPKI(Government Public Key Infrastructure). The Authentication System based on the PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) used by the GPKI, however, provides only the simple User Authentication and thus it results in the difficulty in managing the position, task, role information of various users required under the applied task environment of public organizations. It also has a limitation of not supporting the detailed access control with respect to the XML-based public documents.In order to solve these issues, this study has analyzed the security problems of Authentication and access control system used by the public organizations and has drawn the means of troubleshoot based on the analysis results through the scenario and most importantly it suggests the access control model applied with PMI and SAML and XACML to solve the located problem.

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