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논문 상세정보

자료포괄분석과 생산성지수분석을 이용한 국내 SI기업의 효율성 분석

Analyzing the Technical Efficiency of Korean System Integration Firms Using DEA and Malmquist Productivity Analysis


This paper analyzes the technical efficiencies of 40 Korean system integration firms using data envelopment analysis (DEA) and Malmquist productivity indices. Technical efficiencies on average had been decreased over the five year period and the efficiency difference between best practice firms and catch-up firms had been increased during this period, meaning that the industry structure has become matured and the possibilities for catch-up firms to be efficient are not remained so much. The differences in efficiency by the differences in ownership structures are statistically significant. It implies that the efficiencies of group-affiliated firms have come from benefits such as the captive market umbrellas, not from their own management competencies. In addition, the technical efficiency is highly correlated with captive market sales, information productivity, sales per employees, rates of value added, returns on invested capital, and EBITDA.

저자의 다른 논문

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