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현대건축에 적용된 액티비티 다이어그램에 관한 연구 - 마누엘 고사, 벤 반 버클, 비센떼 구아이야르의 프로젝트를 중심으로

A Study on Activity Diagrams in Contemporary Architecture - Focusing on the Projects by Manuel Gausa, Ben Van Berkel and Vicente Guallart -


The concept of a 'place' in contemporary cities has been fundamentally challenged by the social, economical changes as well as the global digital network. The complex and multi-layered contemporary everyday life blur the boundaries of the existing architectural programs. In contemporary architecture, various proposals have attempted to overcome the physical limitations. 'Activity Diagram' is one of them. Activity diagram is a diagrammatized design process In which the given program is analyzed into individual activities, then it is re-organized and finally spatialized based on the analysis. In many projects by Manuel Gausa, Ben Van Berkel and Vicente Guallart, the activity diagram is applied in various forms and they are explained with theoretical backgrounds. Based on how the given program is re-organized into assembly of activities and how diagram is applied, five analytical elements were selected to critically analyze three chosen architects' case projects. In this study, it is found that architects attempt to construct an open networked world where diverse activities are freely interconnected in spite of some fundamental limitations of activity diagrams.

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