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논문 상세정보

안드레 퍼트먼의 디자인에 나타난 실내공간 요소의 오브제화에 관한 연구

Characteristics of Interior Elements as Objets in Andree Putman's Design


Andree Potman is one of the few French female interior designers who has successfully extended her design territory beyond France into a more global context. Unlike other interior designers Potman has a very unique and eclectic background. She has studied music, worked as a journalist, talented in redeveloping designs that were unknown at that time such as design's of Eileen Gray, Mallet-Stevenson, and many more. Starting her career as an interior designer we can see her designs not only in France but also in many other countries such as America, Japan, and Germany. However her name is not that familiar to the designers in Korea. Therefore the current study focuses on the introduction and understanding of Potman's designs in regards to the relationship between interior space and objets that have made her designs so called 'Potman Style'. In order to accomplish the objective the researcher first studied means and use of ejects in interior space and next examined characteristics of Potman's designs including lighting fixtures, products, furnitures, and Interior designs. Finally, by using constant comparative analysis four categories (esthetics of emptiness, repetition of geometric forms, contrast in style, and focus with lighting) of design methods are revealed as the characteristics of interior elements as objects in Andree Potman's interior designs.

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