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논문 상세정보


In this paper, a speed sensorless control for an ultrasonic motor (USM) using a neural network (NN) is presented. In the proposed method, rotor speed is estimated by a three-layer NN which adapts nonlinearities associated with load torque and motor temperature into control. The intrinsic properties of a USM, such as high torque for low speeds, high static torque, compact size, etc., offer great advantages for industrial applications. However, the speed property of a USM has strong nonlinear properties associated with motor temperature and load torque, which make accurate speed control difficult. These properties are considered in designing a control method through the application of mathematical models. In these strategies, a detailed speed model of the USM is required which makes actual applications impractical. In the proposed method, a three-layer NN estimates the speed of the USM from the drive frequency, the root mean square value of input voltage and the surface temperature of the USM, where no mechanical speed sensor is needed. The NN speed based estimator enables inclusion of variations in driving conditions due to input signals of the NN involved during the driving state of the USM. The disuse of sensors offers many advantages on both the cost and maintenance front. Moreover, the model free sensorless control method offers practical controller construction within a small number of parameters. To validate the proposed speed sensorless control method for a USM, experiments have been executed under several conditions.

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