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논문 상세정보

국내 종합병원 외래진료부의 공간변화에 관한 조사연구

A Study on the Spatial Changes of General Hospital O. P. D. in Korea


Nowadays, it has been changed in medical environments which are the increase of the aged and chronic disease, development of medical system and technology, the open of medical markets according to negotiation of DDA(Doha Development Agenda) and FTA(Free Trade Agreement) and so on. The changes of medical system and function are caused by changes of medical environments. This study is to analyze the spatial changes of general hospital O. P. D. in Korea based on changes of the medical system and function. In conclusion, the O. P. D. in general hospital has been changed by stages as follows; First, subdivision and specialization of medical organization systems. Second, diversification of specialized centers based on medical cooperated systems. At last, integration of E&T faculties and specialized centers which have similar functions. According to the spatial changes of outpatient department, the types of E&T faculties and specialized centers has been changed by diverse forms as follows; E&T faculties and specialized centers focused on disease, organs, classes and so on.

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