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논문 상세정보

종합병원 혈관조영촬영유니트의 건축계획에 관한 연구

A Study on the Architectural Planning of the Angiography Unit in General Hospital


Angiography means that a check up to know an abnormal condition in all the blood vessels include from the heart, aortae, cerobrovascular and abdonominal artery to hands and feet. Main examples of this are cerebral angiography, abdominal, liver for urinary anomaly, renovascular angiography, and artery and vein in arms and legs. Angiography uses radial rays or angiography equipment for an image output during interventional procedure and compositive diagnosis. The acts which performed in a projection room have changed drastically. In general, it is performed by using equipment which is attached one or two C-arms and the method of inserting catheter in vein after anesthesia. For this reason, some rooms that consist of angiography room units should be planned not only for expensiveness equipment and facilities also to be germ-free. Nowadays, in the angiography unit case, it is placed independently as the central part of many hospitals. It does not belong to the imaging medical department any more as considering raising filming times and the relation between C.C.U.(coronary care unit) and operation unit. This means the acts performed are diversified and well-organized rooms in support of diagnosis are required. However, it is difficult to plan the angiography room unit due to domestic researches and data on this unit are not enough. Therefore, this study aims at bringing up basic issue for architectural planning of the angiography unit in general hospital.

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