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증기발생기 세관의 파괴저항 특성 측정에 관한 연구

A Study on the Measurement of Fracture Resistance Characteristics for Steam Generator Tubes


The structural and leakage integrity of steam generator tubes should be sustained against all postulated loads even if a crack is present. During the past three decades, most of the efforts with respect to integrity evaluation of steam generator tubes have been focused on limit load solutions but, recently, the applicability of elastic-plastic fracture mechanics was examined cautiously due to its effectiveness. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a testing method to estimate fracture resistance characteristics of steam generator tubes with a through-wall crack. Due to limited thickness and diameter, inevitably, the steam generator tubes themselves were tested instead of standard specimen or alternative ones. Also, a series of three dimensional elastic-plastic finite element analyses were carried out to derive closed-form estimation equations with respect to J-integral and crack extension for direct current potential drop method. Since the effectiveness of $J_{IC}$ as well as J-R curves was proven through comparison with those of standard specimens taken from pipes, it is believed that the proposed scheme can be utilized as an efficient tool for integrity evaluation of cracked steam generator tubes.

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