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논문 상세정보

유정란 배아 혈액유동의 in vivo 계측

In Vivo Measurements of Blood Flow in a Chicken Embryo Using Micro PIV Technique


To analyze in-vivo blood flow characteristics in a chicken embryo, in-vivo experiment was carried out using micro-PIV technique. Because endothelial cells in blood vessels are subject to shear stress of blood flow, it is important to get velocity field information of the placental blood flow. Instantaneous velocity fields of an extraembryonic blood vessel using a high-speed camera and intravital microscope. The flow images of RBCs were obtained with a spatial resolution of $20\times20{\mu}m$ in the whole blood vessels. The mean velocity field data confirm that the blood flow does show non-Newtonian fluid characteristic. The blood in a branched vessel merged smoothly without any flow separation into the main blood vessel with the presence of a slight bump. This in-vivo micro-PIV measurement technique can be used as a powerful tool in various blood flow researches.

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