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논문 상세정보


Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are major public health concerns. This is linked to the injury of many organs, especially liver. Experiments were peformed to know the acute effects of LeeKwaDoo (LKD) induced by two-third partial hepatectomy (PH) in rats. In liver samples, regeneration parameters and histological assessment were performed. For the blood biochemical study, the blood were assayed with AST, ALT. The portal branch of liver lobes was ligated in the male Sprague-Dowley rats, two-thirds partial hepatectomies were also performed. It was estimated bodyweight and relative liver weight for the index of liver mass. For the marker of blood chemistry, we investigate the serum sample of rats and demonstrated the level of AST, ALT. Remaining tissues of liver developed as microscopic structures. Resection of the lobes in PH+LKD group resulted in a marked change of liver weight, blood chemistry and histological changes. The initiation of the proliferative response in PH group stimulated as well as reduction of the liver mass. On the other hands, the Initiation of the proliferative response in PH+LKD group delayed. Eventually, both PH group and PH+LKD group was restored relative liver weigh after 7 day. In conclusion, the acute adminstration of LKD seems to inhibit the initial response of liver regeneration through alcohol effects.

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