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The value that evaluates ancient Oriental civilization and culture is Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀: the view that China is only good country and the others are savages) as Confucianism. Generally, Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) includes cultural Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) as Confucian culture is only superior, Han-centered racial Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀), and country-centered geographical Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀). As times goes on, instead racial and geographical Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) is diluted, cultural Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) was just emphasized. The value of cutural Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) is presented on dressing system and hair style becoming an issue in Confucian culture. This study intends to research how Hwa-i-ron in latter period of Chosun influenced the view of Ching men's hair style, pigtail. For this study, 5 books of Yeon-hang-rok in $17{\sim}18$ centuries are chosen, but some parts of them would be selected concerning with hairdressing and would be studied with other documents. Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) had dominated in the latter period of Chosun and had been making proprieties, then geographical and racial Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) were disappeared when Ching had been building a big cultural country, but cultural Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) had been stronger in latter period of Chosun than before, it had been a standard in all proprieties. After all, not only did cultural Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) become a standard of all proprieties in Chosun, but it was applied to the view of Ching men's hairstyle. So, people thought that pigtail, Ching men's hairstyle, is a custom of the savages. out of Chinese proprieties. Therefore, this cultural Hwa-i-kwan(華夷觀) that Chosun is a real China through taking over Chinese proprieties might be in that age.

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