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논문 상세정보

코스튬플레이 패션에 대한 연구(1) - 인터넷쇼핑몰을 이용하는 코스튬플레이어 중심으로

A study on costume play fashion-mainly on the costume players who use internet shopping malls


Though old generation criticizes on costume play that it is accepted by young generation without any criticism, it is gaining popularity and is settled with unique Korean characteristics. The study is to understand the characteristics of costume play and investigate on the attitude of costume players enjoying it. For this study, a survey was conducted on costume players who order tailor-made costumes or rent them by using references, existing papers and internet sites. The results are as follows. 1.37% of costume players live in Seoul and Gyeonggi area, 37% in Gyeongsang-do and Busan with 21% in other areas. Two areas shows higher rate than any other regions, as Seoul Comic and Busan Comic are held regularly and there are faster exchange with Japanese culture in these areas with enough money 2. Among costume players, female accounts for 73.7% with 26.3% male. It shows that female likes costume play more than male. It is because woman responds actively to what she likes than man does. The number of male is steadily increasing. By age, high school student is 40%, middle school student is 36%, older than 20 is 16% with 3% of elementary school student. 3.61% of them like the reproduction of character costumes, 14.7% like Pancos and another 14.7% likethe reproduction of character costumes and creation. 69.5% participates in costume play both in groups and individuals, 26.3% in groups and 4.2% in individuals. 45.3% participates in comic more than 8 times in a yew, 43.2%, 1-2 times and 11.6%, 3-4 times. Mostly they want $50,000{\sim}80,000$ won costume. 4. on the criticism of old generation that costume play is nothing but the imitation of Japanese culture, 87.4% of the respondents answered 'absolutely not' They think costume play is one of their favorite cultures. 5. on the parents response to costumeplay, 87% of the respondents answered 'Ethey understand', 13% said 'they cannot understand and dissent'. The respondents said costume play didn't affect their school records with 25% respondents who said they got better grades.

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