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논문 상세정보

지속가능한 건축디자인을 위한 기초방안에 관한 고찰 - 미국 미네소타 주 친환경사례의 실내 건축자재를 중심으로

A Study on the Basic Solution for Sustainable Buildings - Focused on the Interior Materials of Eco-Buildings in Minnesota, USA


This study is focused on interior materials and wastes among other diverse environmental strategies for sustainable construction. The case study was carried out by using MSDG, mainly utilized in evaluating performance of sustainable constructions in Minnesota, the US, as an evaluation tool, in order to analyze American practices. In this study, a field inspection was conducted to 6 Minnesota cases, following a preliminary examination through literature study and portal site search, and then, constructive reports, interviews with people in charge, and empirical data including photos were added to the basic data provided by MSDG and MOEA As a result, it turned out *that sustainable materials were mainly used even in newly constructed buildings and wastes were properly managed in an environment-friendly, economical, and ethical manner, *that life cycle assessment showed reduction in some constructive costs even when the basic costs were high, *that some recycled finish materials were widely used in diverse areas, *that minimum consumption of raw materials, minimum environmental damage by materials, minimum effect of materials on IAQ were found in the examined cases, and *that many attempts were made to minimize resource consumption and constructive wastes from diverse perspectives.

저자의 다른 논문

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