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논문 상세정보

이축정렬된 Ni 금속모재에 RF 마그네트론 스퍼터링에 의해 증착된 $CeO_2$$Y_2O_3$ 완충층 박막 특성

Epitaxial Growth of $CeO_2\\;and\\;Y_2O_3$ Buffer-Layer Films on Textured Ni metal substrate using RF Magnetron Sputtering

Progress in superconductivity v.7 no.2 , 2006년, pp.120 - 129  

We comparatively studied the epitaxial growth conditions of $CeO_2$ and $Y_2O_3$ thin buffers on textured Ni tapes using rf magnetron sputtering and investigated the feasibility of getting a single mixture layer or sequential layers of $CeO_2$ and $Y_2O_3$ for more simplified buffer architecture. All the buffer layers were first deposited using the reducing gas of $Ar/4%H_2$ and subsequently the reactive gas mixture of Ar and $O_2$, The crystalline quality and biaxial alignment of the films were investigated using X-ray diffraction techniques (${\Theta}-2{\Theta},\;{\phi}\;and\;{\omega}\;scans$, pole figures). The $CeO_2$ single layer exhibited well developed (200) epitaxial growth at the condition of $10%\;O_2$ below an $450^{\circ}C$, but the epitaxial property was decreased with increasing the layer thickness. $Y_2O_3$ seldom showed optimum condition for (400) epitaxial growth. The sequential architecture of $CeO_2/Y_2O_3/CeO_2$ having good epitaxial property was achieved by sputtering at a temperature of $700^{\circ}C$ on the initial $CeO_2$ bottom layer sputtered at $400^{\circ}C$. Cracking of the sputtered buffer layers was seldom observed except the double layer structure of $CeO_2/Y_2O_3$.

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