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논문 상세정보

집단 걷기운동이 여성의 체성분, 혈중지질 및 심리적인 요인에 미치는 효과

The Effects of Group Walking Exercise Program on Body Composition, Blood Lipids and Psychological Factors


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a group walking exercise program on body composition, blood lipids and psychological factors at a community. Method: The subjects were 200 women(29 groups) who agreed to participate in group walking exercise for three months. Their ages ranged between 30 to 77 years. A simple walking exercise protocol was given to the participants, which was to do walking over three times a week and over thirty minutes each time. We compared the participants' body composition (BMI, PBF, BFM, FFM, WHR and VFA), blood lipids (HDL C, LDL C, total cholesterol, triglyceride) and exercise-self efficacy, self esteem, and quality of life before and after group walking. Collected data were analyzed through paired t test using the SAS program. Results: BMI. PBF, BFM, WHR, and VFA were significantly reduced (p<.01). However. FFM did not increase significantly (p=.416). There were significant changes in TC and TG (p<.01) but not in LDL C (P=.340). HDL C decreased but within the normal range. Exercise-self efficacy and quality of life did not increase significantly. Only self esteem increased significantly (p<.0001). Conclusion: Group walking exercise had positive effects on body composition, blood lipid and self esteem in community women.

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  1. Jung, Won Hee ; Woo, Jong-Min ; Ryu, Jee Soo 2014. "Effect of Frequency of Using Forest Environment on Workers' Stress: a Comparative Study on Workers in Medical and Counseling Service Institution" 韓國林學會誌 = Journal of Korean Forest Society, 103(1): 129~136 


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