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논문 상세정보

수평 상향 분사 덕트를 이용한 컨테이너선 화물창 환기 개선에 대한 실험적 연구

An Experimental Study Improving Ventilation of Container Ship Hold Using Horizontal Upward Jet Duct


The ventilation performance for the various venting duct arrays has been experimentally compared in the scaled model of the container hold. Most container ships have the ventilation duct system to remove effectively the condensing heat released from container refrigerator. The existing duct system is vertically installed and basically has the number of duct as many as the columns of reefer container stack. In this study, to make up for the weak points having stagnantly hot legions in the centered area of container hold for the present system, the horizontal upward jotting duct system was proposed and proved by temperature rising tests on the scaled model. In this paper, the expected flow regimes and the thermal and hydrodynamic analogies as well as the measured temperature distributions in a hold for various duct types and heat released rates are deeply discussed.

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