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논문 상세정보

잔삭 가공을 위한 펜슬커브 생성

Pencil Curve Computation for Clean-up Machining


This paper presents a procedure to compute pencil curves from a triangular mesh which is offset with the radius of a given ball-end mill. An offset triangular mesh has numerous self-intersections caused by an abundance of invalid triangles, which do not contribute to the valid CL-surface. Conceptually, we can obtain valid pencil curves by combining all intersections tying on the outer skin of the offset triangular mesh, i.e., the valid CL-surface. The underlying concept of the proposed algorithm is that visible intersections are always valid for pencil curves, because visible intersections lie on the outer skin of the offset model. To obtain the visibility of intersections efficiently, the proposed algorithm uses a graphics board, which performs hidden surface removal on up to a million polygons per second.

저자의 다른 논문

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  1. Choi, Byoung Kyu ; Han, Kwan Hee ; Jun, Cha Soo ; Lee, Chul Soo ; Park, Sang Chul 2014. "Review and Perspectives on the Research and Industrial Applications of Manufacturing Systems Engineering in Korea for 40 Years" 대한산업공학회지 = Journal of Korean institute of industrial engineers, 40(6): 555~567 


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