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논문 상세정보

기하공간정보(OSI)와 병합정보(SN)을 이용한 고유 명칭 방법

An OSI and SN Based Persistent Naming Approach for Parametric CAD Model Exchange


The exchange of parameterized feature-based CAD models is important for product data sharing among different organizations and automation systems. The role of feature-based modeling is to gonerate the shape of product and capture design intends In a CAD system. A feature is generated by referring to topological entities in a solid. Identifying referenced topological entities of a feature is essential for exchanging feature-based CAD models through a neutral format. If the CAD data contains the modification history in addition to the construction history, a matching mechanism is also required to find the same entity in the new model (post-edit model) corresponding to the entity in the old model (preedit model). This problem is known as the persistent naming problem. There are additional problems arising from the exchange of parameterized feature-based CAD models. Authors have analyzed previous studies with regard to persistent naming and characteristics for the exchange of parameterized feature-based CAD models, and propose a solution to the persistent naming problem. This solution is comprised of two parts: (a) naming of topological entities based on the object spore information (OSI) and secondary name (SN); and (b) name matching under the proposed naming.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

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