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논문 상세정보

레이저 용삭법에 의한 플라즈마의 진전 모델링

Modelling of Carbon Plume by Laser-ablation Method


The study on laser-ablation plasmas has been strongly interested in fundamental aspects of laser-solid interaction and consequent plasma generation. In particular, this plasma has been widely used for the deposition of thin solid films and applied to the semiconductors and insulators. In this paper, we developed and discussed the generation of carbon ablation plasmas emitted by laser radiation on a solid target, graphite. The progress of carbon plasmas by laser-ablation was simulated using Monte-Carlo particle model under the pressures of vacuum, 1 Pa, 10 Pa and 66 Pa. At the results, carbon particles with low energy were deposited on the substrate as the pressure becomes higher However, there was no difference of deposition distributions of carbon particles on the substrate regardless of the pressure.

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