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논문 상세정보

베이커리 카페 고객의 이용 실태 및 성별, 연령에 따른 차이 조사 : 서울 지역을 중심으로

Differences in Bakery Cafe Use according to Gender & Age : Focused on Customers in Seoul


The purposes of this study were to examine bakery cafe use and to identify differences according to gender and age. The questionnaires developed for this study were distributed to 320 males and females aged 20 and over in Seoul. A total of 285 questionnaires were used for analysis(89.1%) and the statistical analyses were completed using SPSS Win (12.0) for descriptive analysis and $x^2-test$. Over 80% of customers used bakery cafes once a month or less, and female customers visited more often than males. The main reasons for using bakery cafe were to chat and then, to buy and eat bakery products. There was a significant difference by age. Average time consumed at a bakery cafe was usually under 1 hour and 30 minutes. Female and younger customers stayed longer than male and older customers, respectively. The majority of customers(85.6%) were accompanied by 2 or less guests and there was no significant difference between the groups. The expenses per person per visit were usually $3,000won{\sim}10,000won$, and the percentage of customers who spent at least 15,000 won was highest in those aged 41 and more. The groups with different gender and age also differed in their choices of products. Customers who are female or under 41 years old used coffees or beverages more often than other group customers. There was no significant difference in understanding on bakery cafe between groups, and 64.9% of respondent answered that they understood bakery cafe as a complex of bakery and cafe. Overall, for early settlement and development of the bakery cafe industry, it seems very important to establish marketing strategy that meets target customers' needs on the basis of understanding their patterns of bakery cafe use.

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  1. Na, Sung-Joo ; Hwang, Seong-Yun ; Kang, Kun-Og 2011. "Purchasing Patterns and Influential Factors for Bakery Products and Effects of Brand Image on Consumers' Purchasing Power - Focused on Customers in Seoul -" 東아시아食生活學會誌 = Journal of the East Asian Society of Dietary Life, 21(3): 429~437 


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