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Fabrication Technology of high Tc Superconductor for Electrical Equipment


In order to realize the commercial application of HTSC materials, it is necessary to develop the fabrication process of high Tc oxide superconductor materials with desired shape and for practical application and high critical current density as well as good mechanical strength which can withstand high lorenz force generated at high magnetic field. Much studies have been concentrated to develop the fabrication technique for high critical current density but still there are a lot of gap which should be overcome for large scale application of HTSC materials at liquid nitrogen temperature. Recently some new fabrication techniques have been developed for YBaCuO bulk superconductor with high mechanical strength and critical current density. In this project, the establishment of fabrication condition and additive effects of second elements were examined so as to improve the related properties to the practical use of YBaCuO superconductor, and we reported the production of the YBaCuO high Tc superconductor by the pyrolysis method.

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