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논문 상세정보

리올러지 모델을 이용한 열적 기계적 변형 거동 모사

A Description of Thermomechanical Behavior Using a Rheological Model


Isothermal cyclic stress-strain deformation and thermomechanical deformation (TMD) of 429EM stainless steel were analyzed using a rheological model employing a bi-linear model. The proposed model was composed of three parameters: elastic modulus, yield stress and tangent modulus. Monotonic stress-strain curves at various temperatures were used to construct the model. The yield stress in the model was nearly same as 0.2% offset yield stress. Hardening relation factor, m, was proposed to relate cyclic hardening to kinematic hardening. Isothermal cyclic stress-strain deformation could be described well by the proposed model. The model was extended to describe TMD. The results revealed that the hi-linear thermomechanical model overestimates the experimental data under both in-phase and out-of-phase conditions in the temperature range of $350-500^{\circ}C$ and it was due to the enhanced dynamic recovery effect.

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