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Dynamic Material Property of the Sinter-Forged Cu-Cr Alloys with the Variation of Chrome Content


Vacuum interrupters are used in various switch-gear components such as circuit breakers, distribution switches, contactors. The electrodes of a vacuum interrupter are manufactured of sinter-forged Cu-Cr material for good electrical and mechanical characteristics. Since the closing velocity is 1-2m/s and impact deformation of the electrode depends on the strain-rate at the given velocity, the dynamic material property of the sinter-forged Cu-Cr alloy is important to design the vacuum interrupter reliably and to identify the impact characteristics of a vacuum interrupter accurately. This paper is concerned with the dynamic material properties of sinter-forged Cu-Cr alloy for various strain rates. The amount of chrome is varied from 10 wt% to 30 wt% in order to investigate the influence of the chrome content on the dynamic material property. The high speed tensile test machine is utilized in order to identify the dynamic property of the Cu-Cr alloy at the intermediate strain-rate and the split Hopkinson pressure bar is used at the high strain-rate. Experimental results from both the quasi-static and the high strain-rate up to the 5000/sec are interpolated with respect to the amount of chrome in order to construct the Johnson-Cook and the modified Johnson-Cook model as the constitutive relation that should be applied to numerical simulation of the impact behavior of electrodes.

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